For Sale: Boc Edwards iH600 Vacuum Pump


Boc Edwards iH600 vacuum pump 208v 50/60Hz

The iH600 system has an HCDP80 dry pump, with an HCMB600 mechanical booster pump fitted to the inlet of the HCDP80 pump. Both the HCDP and HCMB pumps have enclosed, water-cooled motors. The iH system is therefore suitable for applications in clean environments where fan cooling of motors is unacceptable.

The iH system has a gas system which introduces purge gas into the HCDP pump. This gas system is suitable for use on harsh duty processes. If you use the iH system on light or medium duty processes, you can use the economiser gas mode to reduce the consumption of purge nitrogen by the pumping system.

The iH system operates at pressures between atmospheric and ultimate vacuum with no lubricating or sealing fluid in the pumping chamber. This ensures a clean pumping system without back-migration of oil into the system being evacuated.

iH Series Dry Pump Brochure


  • Load Lock
  • Transfer
  • Metrology
  • Lithography
  • PVD Process
  • PVD Pre-clean
  • RTA
  • Strip/Ashing
  • Etching
  • Implant Source
  • RTP
  • MCVD
  • ALD

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