January 1st, 2017 — Tempe, Arizona MarTek, Inc. a leading provider of automatic wafer probers and sole owner of Electroglas Wafer Prober Intellectual Property (EGIP), today announced it is now the only company that can supply Authentic Electroglas Wafer Prober Products. MarTek, which had previously licensed the EGIP to EG Systems, Complete Probe Solutions, Probex, WAVA International and Boston Semiconductor Equipment chose not to renew those agreements. Those companies including EMTS, MPT and CSE are no longer permitted ...

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For Sale: Boc Edwards iH600 Vacuum Pump


Boc Edwards iH600 vacuum pump 208v 50/60Hz

The iH600 system has an HCDP80 dry pump, with an HCMB600 mechanical booster pump fitted to the inlet of the HCDP80 pump. Both the HCDP and HCMB pumps have enclosed, water-cooled motors. The iH system is therefore suitable for applications in clean environments where fan cooling of motors is unacceptable.

The iH system has a gas system ...

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For Sale: Temptronics ThermoChuck TPO3000A


Temptronic ThermoChuck TPO3000

The TP03000 Series ThermoChuck® system provides a wide temperature range for thermal cycling and failure analysis of wafers at the wafer probing station. Available for wafers up to 200mm. These are NEW units in original OEM packaging.

Temperature Range:

-55°C to +200°C

Chuck Diameters:

Available in 6 inch (154 mm) and 8 inch (203 mm) diameters to accommodate ...

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For Sale: Nikon Microscope with film attachment

Nikon Microscope with AFX-II camera attachment

Accessories available:

  • Nikon HFX-II camera controller
  • Olympus TGHM, TH Illumination controllers


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MarTek, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Electroglas Technology Assets From Form Factor, Inc.

MarTek Announces Acquisition of Electroglas Technology Assets From Form Factor, Inc. and Settlement of Pending Litigation between Form Factor and MarTek, Inc.

August 17th, 2015 — Tempe, Arizona MarTek, Inc. a leading provider of automatic wafer probers, today announced it has reached an agreement to settle litigation between MarTek, Inc. and Form Factor, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORM) pending in the U.S. District Court, regarding the use of certain intellectual property (IP) Form Factor acquired in 2009 out of the ...

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For Sale: Leitz SM-LUX HL Microscope

Leitz Microscope SM-LUX HL for sale.

We have for sale a Leitz Wetzlar SM-LUX reflected light microscope taken from working environment. It includes diagnostic intrument 3ccd t45s 0.45x, 3 objectives,first objective carl weiss neofluar 40/0.75,second objective leitz npl oel 100/1.30,third objective leitz pl 2.5/0.08,fourth objective leitz npl fluotar 10/0.30.

Used for manual probe station, medical work ...

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Sold: Mitutoyo FS-60 Wide-base Microscope

Mitutoyo FS-60WF 4-barrel Wide Base Inspection Microscope

The FS-60 is a microscope unit made for brightfield inspection. It is ideal for observing very minute sections, and especially suitable for the Prober and Failure Analysis Manufacturing applications. High magnification, long working distance, fiber optic cold light illumination ensures easy and accurate operation.

Available accessories:

  • Mitutoyo illumination controller


  • Lens: Yellow (2D001095)
  • Lens: Blue (B75004496)
  • Lens: Green (B89010397)
  • Lens: Red (2E013396)

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For Sale: Olympus 5-barrel Microscope with Lenses


Olympus 5-barrel Microscope with BH2-UMA illuminator

Olympus microscope fully populated with various magnification Lenses as seen here, including microscope stand, focus manipulator, 50W Halogen lamp.

Available accessories:

  • Olympus TGHM illumination controller
  • Olympus TH illumination controller
  • Olympus BH2-RFL-T2 mercury lamp illum. controller


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For Sale: Olympus Oly ’99 SZ3 zoom microscopes


Oly ’99 SZ3

Stereo zoom microscope has a range of 7X to 40X magnification with 10X eyepieces.

Please ask about illuminator options, mounts, stands, and focus manipulators we have available!


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MarTek, Inc. v Form Factor, Inc.

August 26, 2014

Tempe, Arizona — MarTek, Inc., a leading provider of automatic wafer probers, today announced that it has filed litigation against Form Factor, Inc. (NASDAQ: FORM) in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

MarTek, Inc.’s claims relate to an unresolved dispute arising out of an Intellectual Property License Agreement between the companies. MarTek, Inc.’s claims include Fraud in the Inducement – Concealment, Breach of Written Contract, and Breach of Implied ...

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