Founded in 1995, MarTek is a global supplier of new and refurbished semiconductor wafer probers, upgrades and parts.

Our team is the most experienced and skilled in the industry and therefore is uniquely qualified to meet your demanding requirements and is generally recognized as ‘best in class.’ It is our passion and mission to reduce your overall cost of prober ownership.

MarTek wafer probers incorporate air bearing technology that gives higher accuracy, faster speed, lower MTBF, for a overall lower cost of your wafer probe test system. In addition to this technology edge, you can count on our expert team and their years of experience. Our clients tell us that we’re the best!

Our international headquarters is located in Tempe, Arizona USA, and we maintain support staff in Asia and Europe. MarTek has excellent lead times and competitive pricing on all our products, delivered and serviced, anywhere in the world. We’re proud of our global capabilities, and we are dedicated to serve you at any location.

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